Discover the Benefits of Giving in the Spirit of Loving-Kindness.

"One generation plants the trees under whose shade future generations rest."

Acts residents are the people who exemplify the Acts motto "Where Loving-Kindness Lives." Residents plant the trees, build the buildings and power volunteer efforts. Residents create the future of their community, where their efforts will live on.

Planned gifts allow Acts to plan for the future of each community. Will the benevolent funds of Acts — the Samaritan, Benevolence and Heritage Funds - have sufficient future resources? Will funds to enhance the community efforts be there? Will there be trees planted for future shade?

Acts Legacy Foundation, Inc. is the means to foster the culture of giving that exists in each Acts community. The Foundation administers the solicitation, receipt and stewardship of charitable gifts, assuring that community needs are continually met and services are provided in keeping with the Acts mission.

Please, let us know if you are considering, or have already, included Acts in your estate plans.


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